Monday, September 20, 2010

International Day of Peace

McKay-Epp Family

We are so lucky to have several Menno-connections here. Our former professors of International Development, Paul and Mary McKay have a daughter here, living in Colombia with her three children. We have had some good times together, and traded off kids and sleepovers periodically. Every once in awhile it is nice for our children to connect with other extranjeros, and we always enjoy our time together.

Hunters Hockey League, 2010

A heart for simple things

Creator God-

Give us a heart for simple things
Love and laughter,
bread and wine,
tales and dreams.

Fill our lives with green and growing hope.
Make us a people of justice,
whose song is Hallelujah
And whose name breathes love.

( you have a source on this?)

Still grateful for Liceo Boston

First Colombian Wedding

We were very excited to go to our first wedding in Colombia this weekend. Our sweet friend Paula got married. It was a beautiful ceremony, with a sermon that prompted a good discussion with our children about families roles, homophobia, and grace.

Our children were beautiful too.

Well, sometimes...