Sunday, February 14, 2010

Sister Love

Abby's friends

Happy Hockey Boy

Happy Hockey Boy

Happy Valentine's Day

Some things we are loving these days...

Lydia: old friends (you know who you are); new friends (Juliana, Laura, Tatiana, Angie, Gabriela, Camilla); books; passionfruit; colorful leggings; Ziggity; gymnastics; homeroom teacher; mythology; gef; book packages; rainforests; friendliness of Colombians; La Hamburgesaria

Andy: hockey gear; friends (old and new: Andreas, Pinzon, Miguel, Chritian, Monico); sports; strawberries; ludicas; Piscilago; Wii; Ajiaco; new bedroom loft; micro-futbol; Crepes and Waffles

Abby: Christmas, birthdays, Elizabeth and Neil; gymnastics; Happys; movies; friends (old and new: Luisa, Juli, Maria Anjelica) jumprope; Escondidas; limeade; ice cubes; Cam Jansen; Wikky ropes.

Jenny: finding quiet spaces to walk; bluegrass music; hot showers; mangoes; facebook; tennis; watching TV in bed; sharing food with friends; soccer practice; an amazing Spanish tutor; Colombian hot chocolate; family.

Aaron: spring weather; spanish lessons; directtv (mainly european soccer); olympics, compensar; limeade; anticipation of new friends; my play list; Jen's oatmeal bread; fresh fruit and veggies; family; Abby's boldness