Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day

Some things we are loving these days...

Lydia: old friends (you know who you are); new friends (Juliana, Laura, Tatiana, Angie, Gabriela, Camilla); books; passionfruit; colorful leggings; Ziggity; gymnastics; homeroom teacher; mythology; gef; book packages; rainforests; friendliness of Colombians; La Hamburgesaria

Andy: hockey gear; friends (old and new: Andreas, Pinzon, Miguel, Chritian, Monico); sports; strawberries; ludicas; Piscilago; Wii; Ajiaco; new bedroom loft; micro-futbol; Crepes and Waffles

Abby: Christmas, birthdays, Elizabeth and Neil; gymnastics; Happys; movies; friends (old and new: Luisa, Juli, Maria Anjelica) jumprope; Escondidas; limeade; ice cubes; Cam Jansen; Wikky ropes.

Jenny: finding quiet spaces to walk; bluegrass music; hot showers; mangoes; facebook; tennis; watching TV in bed; sharing food with friends; soccer practice; an amazing Spanish tutor; Colombian hot chocolate; family.

Aaron: spring weather; spanish lessons; directtv (mainly european soccer); olympics, compensar; limeade; anticipation of new friends; my play list; Jen's oatmeal bread; fresh fruit and veggies; family; Abby's boldness


  1. What's so special about Colombian hot chocolate? Is it postable on the fam recipe blog?

  2. tennis? really?

    what's gef?

    there were surprises in each one. thanks!

  3. Yea, I love comments....Claire, I will send you some so you know....Katie, Aaron gave me a tennis racket and it is so fun to play around with it (though I am no good) and gef is a Colombian clothing line similar to Old Navy....soft clothes.

  4. Andy, You have a Wii? What is your favorite game? - Henry

  5. Wonderful to see a post of all the things you are loving in Colombia! This seems like a milestone.

    We were on BC campus this evening and Daisy was remembering some recital in the chapel where she and Abby played with Lydia's American Girl doll and "tried to keep her up in the air." Not sure what that meant, but she remembered it clearly.

  6. you and your family have gone that far. how wonderful.
    So, do you have mangoes all year round??? are they still cheap and ripe sweet? hm... make me envy ;) in Indonesia, we have only several months of mango season which are around the end of the year. Now i still can get mangoes, but they are SO expensive and not as sweet.