Sunday, March 21, 2010

26 con 33

Mirador de Takay

This was our first home in Colombia. We made the decision to move in order to reduce the commute to school, and form better relationships the kids' friends. There are many things we are going to miss about our old neighborhood:

Walking to La Isabella for wonderful Colombian breakfasts.

Sunny Sunday afternoon exploration at the National University.

Walking on the parkway and watching people and their dogs.

Our sweet neighbors Julia and Alfredo who liked to give bracelets to the girls, and hosted us during the Novena.

Our friends Sandra and Sonja at the internet cafe, who lovingly helped us with last minute homework, hotel reservations, and ordering pizza for the first time.

The jovenes at the mini-market who sold us popsicle treats every Wednesday.

The open play space for escondidas and rollar blading on the third floor.

After school basketball play, rollar-blading, and soccer on the concha.

The sweet girl at the movie store, who would find movies for us in English.

The church bells that reminded us of home.

The view of the mountains and Christmas fireworks from the roof.

Knowing we were close to the "Menno-community."

Sending the kids to the markets in the building to get me some butter, milk, or salt. (This made me feel like I was sending them to the Neufeld Epp house).

The evenings of packing alone looked very different from the last time.

I was so grateful for our sweet purple moving elves who stayed all day to help us.

We also got to watch some amazing Colombian movers lift our bed through the upstairs window.

And now we live here. Each day feels a little better, and we are exploring our new surroundings, making new connections, and starting again.

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  1. Seems like a good move. I hope it is. Can't wait to see it in person!!