Sunday, May 16, 2010


Equitación is an extra-curricular offered for physical education at our school here in Colombia. The school was built 50 years ago on an old horse farm, and they decided to continue with some of the horse operations as they developed their "Bostonian" school on campus. Abby decided she wanted to take this class, without having many expectations. We have found it to be an excellent opportunity to work on coordination, balance, stretching, and grace. The ritual of it reminds me of Suzuki. Before they begin anything, they greet the horse (hers is named "Hugo.") They run beside him and talk to him. They ask his permission to ride, and when they are finished, they thank him. Abby's grade in this course measures her flexibility, strength, attitude, confidence, speed, action and reaction, behavior, and understanding of the horse.

The teacher's comments said "Abby is an excellent member of the class and an athlete. She pays attention and is disciplined. She is confident in her capacity and conducts the exercises with bravery and balance. She enjoys her contact with the horse in every activity."

This is Hugo.

This is the pasture where Hugo grazes in between classes.

This is where Hugo sleeps at night.

This is the barrel where the students practice stances.

These are Abby's friends in class.

This is Abby jumping off the back of Hugo while he is moving.

This is a happy girl.

This is a video of the demonstration for parents.


  1. amazing, amazing!!! how perfect for that girl. this activity seems to fit her just right!

  2. That is so awesome!!! I would have loved that as a child, and Annabella would love it too, ever so much!

  3. I can't stop thinking about that video...and it was days ago that i first watched it. i love that you found an activity that meets abby so perfectly.

    and that landscape is amazing. absolutely amazing.

  4. That is awesome. I love that your kids are getting these fabulous experiences.