Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Noche de las Velitas

Some say this is a form of lighting candles to honor each member of your family; some say it simply celebrates the beginning of the Christmas season; theologians say it marks the immaculate conception; and others say it provides light for Mary, marking her way to Bethlehem.

We had an intimate time with our friends, praying to God and the Virgin Mary for

good friends at home, in Colombia, in Canada
strangers becoming friends
peace for Colombia
peace of mind
strength and hope for our children
safe travels to come

Then we went to a party where we enjoyed buñuelos and Christmas tamales with pork and chicken, more candles, and Christmas carols. We ended the evening in our conjunto, lighting candles with our sweet vecinos, enjoying the magical light, playing with wax, and then falling into our beds to sleep. I have not doubt that this will be a Holiday tradition in our household form now on.


  1. Simply beautiful. And you, of all people, who has a ritualistic heart, should come home with new lasting rituals for your family.

  2. "I would do that with your family."


  3. oh micah you would love it you get to stay up late and play with wax!