Sunday, January 16, 2011

Here, there, and back again

With great anticipation we took off to reconnect with the sweet spirits and spaces which we left 18 months ago.

There was so much joy. And so much affirmation.

And at times there was very hard work, both physically and emotionally. It felt so satisfying to see work completed, to be held in safe spaces.

We experienced the reverse cultural adaptations that we have read about...shocking cold weather and beverages, changes in mannerisms, houses full of stuff, open and quiet spaces, crazy busy socializing. At times we felt like we were floating on the very top of a space of water, and we just could not quite let ourselves sink in.

There was so much kindness, so much generosity. People fed us, physically and emotionally. We were held in love.

Some of the things we anticipated would be so good were not. Some of the things we thought would be hard were not.

And when the time came we were all five ready to return to the home we have created here. A simple life that has been thoroughly examined, and now will take a fresh start with new routines, new work, new love for our home and for this beautiful country.

While there is lingering sense of uncertainty and a bit of anxiety at times, we feel deeply and snuggly connected to one another.


  1. beautiful pictures!

    we miss you.

    quinn talks about "annie" every day. "one time, me and annie. . . "

  2. the reverse culture shock is fascinating. it comforts me to know you were all ready to return to what is now your home. thank you for a beautiful & thoughtful post.