Friday, April 29, 2011

Mia-two months

Mia is two months old now. She can sit when directed. She (mostly) eliminates outdoors. She is very comfortable in her crate and has learned to sleep all night alone, and take long, cozy naps while we are at work/school. She comes when we call her name. She understands Spanish and English. She really likes to chew on her tennis ball and on real beef bones from the grocery store. She loves her home-made pet food and the yummy scraps she gets. She is slowly getting used to her leash, and does well with bribery. She is growing up so fast, and so full of love and cuddles. We enjoy taking turns snuggling with her.


  1. I love that your puppy is bilingual.

  2. ditto, sher!

    i think she's a great move for your family. i love that you got her.