Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Each day we say goodbye to something else. It has been slow and long, but we are grateful for the time it takes to release things, and the dear friends and lovely times we have had here in Kansas.

One of those goodbyes was to our "neighborhood school" Northridge, where I was an employee first, then Mom. Our children have enjoyed walking, biking, skateboarding, and rollar skating there for the last six years. We will miss this school dearly.

We celebrated the very last day with balloons on our bikes, a party at the park with whipped cream whiffle ball, and a "spray down" from the local fire department. It was glorious!


  1. Andy uses a form of the word "surprised" four times in his essay. And look at his face. Oh my. He's trying to stay positive in the face of all this surprisingness. Precious, precious. Bless him.

  2. it. was. glorious.

    thank you, thank you.