Tuesday, June 30, 2009


When Aaron and I decided to embark on an MCC term, we knew that many parts of that decision might overwhelm us. The last three weeks have been a whirlwind to us. We have been completely surrounded by friends helping us navigate all that it takes to make this move. Daily, without hesitation, they came and held us, doing all the work that needed to be done. We were overwhelmed with the energy and enthusiasm during their help and we continue to be overwhelmed by their love and dedication to us as a family. Thank you to all the elves who helped and all the other elves who offered help and well-wishes along the way (pictures to follow....)

This is SOME of what they did to help us....

sew my curtains
replace the window
feed the kids
trim back the bushes
sing “Ice, ice baby”
scrape the porch
buy groceries
replace the window again
feed the kids
say a prayer
sort all the playmobil toys
preserve childrens’ treasures
organize baby photos
sing “Wagon wheel”
feed the kids
wash the windows
sing “You’re my angel”
repair the wall
paint the wall
paint the wall again the right color
bring hot drinks
probably 12 trips to the thrift shop
find great deal on Chicago hotel
choose house paint
negotiate travel arrangements
google all directions
sing “Love is alive”
buy second hand suitcases
pack the suitcases
label all items.
inventory the house
host a Spanish camp
bring cold drinks
sing “I’ll fly away”
write a letter of recommendation
adopt our dog
call airline to negotiate size of luggage
measure all luggage
convince us we don’t need that
feed the kids
bake a rhubard pie
loan us some cash
feed the kids
mow the lawn
sort the clothes
sit with kids and sort more clothes
write silly notes
take pictures
sing the river song
buy more cold drinks
give advice for a stronger marriage
hold the babies
buy us toothpaste
go to the eye docter
store bikes
sell bikes
bring me coffee
adopt our frogs
sing “Give us hope to the end”
feed the kids
wash the cars
sort hardware
service the cars
go get boxes
teach the kids some Spanish
sell the cars
install a ceiling fan
rip out old knitting projects
say a prayer
take some pictures
sort the legos
bribe the children
go to the bank about eighteen times
fix the light
hardware store
get the mail (indefinitely)
get cold drinks
take care of the owls
spend gift cards
play soccer with us
comfort a sad child
pay bills
sing “Can’t help but wonder where I’m bound”
feed the kids
have a garage sale
drive for Thai food
go to the dentist
buy our vehicles
strip the hardware
put on doorknobs
stabilize the steps
spray for weeds
assemble boxes
learn some Spanish
stabilize the porch railing
bring cold drinks
stabilize the friend
help with new computer
take pictures
sort tools
buy appropriate chords and chargers
pack away dishes
throw out rotten food
repair broken chair
feed the kids
say a prayer
offer to keep things
feed the kids
mulch around the house
table time
list things on Craig’s
organize music
say we are doing the right thing
buys kids shoes
watch the US beat Spain in the Confederation’s Cup
take pictures
install lights
get cold drinks
sing “Every rose has its thorn”
cancel insurance
feed the kids
take some pictures
put a map on our blog
bring muffins over
take Jen swimming
send an encouraging email
buy a webcam
say a prayer
purchase a swimsuit
send the swimsuit back
purchase another swimsuit
purchase a matching swimsuit
order more luggage
find free luggage
make appointments
feed the kids
make copies of keys
make us laugh
go on dates
get cold drinks
give some advice
tell us to get up and work
feed the kids
buy popcicles
research rain in Bogota
make taco salad
dance on the patio
sing “Bust-a-move”
grill ribs
sing “Will the circle be unbroken?”
rent a van
sell the bikes
feed the kids
organize cables/wires
get cash
loan us money
bring some more salsa
wash our clothes
clean out spices
advise on shoes
send us poems
pick some flowers
bring cold drinks
leaving supper in the fridge
family swims
say some more prayers
loading brush
listen to Gypsy Kings
eat garden beets
feed the kids
trips to the dump
feed the kids
scrub the walls
carefully pack instruments
volunteer to take more on
be our banker
order a computer
make us ice cream sundaes
compliment the cleaning products
argue about leaky faucet
fix the leaky faucet
clean storage containers
talk about visiting
feed the kids
bring me coffee
get cold drinks
scrubbed the mold on the washer
organized recycling
swept the floor
tell stories
buy more sticky notes
laugh some more
feed the kids
sing “If I had 1,000,000 dollars”
bring over garden green beans
make the beds
unmake the beds
get wet
rent some movies
take family pictures
leave us notes
go look for the stuffed monkey at the thrift store
find and return all library books
take more pictures
six loaves of bread
sing a bit more
return movies
organize all garden tools
pay late fees
wash sleeping bags
reserve museum tickets
bring cold drinks
feed the kids
polish the jewelry
explain “gorilla (guerilla) attack” to kids
cheese and crackers
sort all doll clothes
post ebay items
create a slide show
feed the kids
think logistics
get cold drinks
jump on the trampoline
make a scrapbook
buy our furniture
sing some Avril with Zoe
take more pictures
go get take-out again
say a prayer
transport luggage
organize earrings
use all the sticky notes in the house
take some more pictures
wash our clothes
picnic at the park
decorate the van
advice from MCC alumni
sidewalk chalk some blessings
take more pictures
load the car
bring us caffeine
know we will be together again
say “luv-ya-bye”


  1. WOW!!! I am sitting here in tears not regretting one single moment of all that we did together over the last several weeks. I think of you daily and wonder what you are up to. I love you all so much! Sara

  2. I was inspired and amazed to witness just a piece of this love that was handed out so generously.

    I like how your list involves so much singing and feeding the kids : ).

  3. i am carried by these memories.

    i can't believe how many of these things i forgot.

  4. amazing!!! and you deserve it . . .

  5. Oh yeah. We've all been waiting to hear from you - and you haven't even left the country yet! Hope you're having a great time with family. Miss you already.

  6. PS - good job, Sara, on commenting!!

  7. Yes, I feel HIGHLY complimented by Sara's comment!!! Love you too (all y'all)