Monday, July 6, 2009


We had to change our plans and go to Chicago on the way to the cabin this year. It was required that we all be present to obtain our Colombian visas. We were very prepared for the visa process (thanks to MCC) and had a lovely time in Chicago.

We visited the Museum of Science and Industry

We tried to fit in with our ipods at a bus stop.

We saw the world premier of the Harry Potter Exhibit, including Hermione's gown from the Yule ball, each intricate original wand used in the movies, Hagred's chair, and Doby himself.

And we gazed at the skyscrapers, which will soon feel like home to us.

It was a nice time as a family, though the absence of our dear friends in Kansas was a looming reality, and there was a sense of sadness close by.


  1. i'm glad chicago loved you.

  2. So your journey has begun...and we're following along the whole way via the blog!!)