Sunday, July 12, 2009

MCC Welcome Center

For the past week we have been staying at the MCC Welcome Center in Akron, PA. It is a beautiful conglomerate of buildings centered around a very nice green space. We are within a short walk from a terrific park. The weather has been beautifully sunny and mild, reminding us of what Bogota might bring. There is a fantastic cook here, so we are relishing in the luxury of no cooking and very minimal cleaning up, as well as a loaded salad bar daily. The kids are adjusting to their orientation, and we are meeting phenomenal people, all called to service in different and interesting ways. While there is a lot of work still with logistics, we are beginning a phase of contemplation that will (hopefully) sustain us in the coming weeks.


  1. please get me one of those t shirts.

    just kidding.

    kind of.

    and oh, thank you for the looks amazing.

  2. Our dear family friend Barb Schrag - Adam's mom - recently moved from Freeman to Akron to work with MCC. Try to catch up with her. She'll be a warm presense for you, and the kids.

  3. You remind me that the Welcoming Place is really a nice place to stay. I shouldn't complain about having to go there so often for meetings.

    P.S. Look for the Bosnian carpet in the Europe/Middle East house. John and I got to be the buyers for that. It was so fun!

  4. Yes, AM Barb has been great! We had lunch with them on Sunday and then will again go there on Tuesday night. What a blessing to have friends of relatives and relatives of friends!!

  5. And Rick and Barb are friends AND relatives... CRAZY related.

    My dad's grandma and Rick's Dad were brother a sister, so they're something like 1st cousins once removed. And Rick's brother is John, married to Sara! We're related all OVER the place!

    Please oh please tell them I say hi!

  6. I love those smiling faces!