Sunday, November 1, 2009


On Sundays and "Festivos" Bogota closes down a few main streets (approximately 20 miles) for cyclists, walkers, roller bladers, and skateboarders. This was our first time to go all together with our roller blades, and we had a fantastic experience.

There were all kinds of people out, and I could have just sat and taken pictures all day. There were old men on roller skates, little dogs riding in bike baskets, young ones learning how to ride for the first time, big fluffy dogs running happily, low-rider bikes, children riding "double," and even wheelchairs out enjoying this beautiful day in Bogota.

We started at the Plaza Bolivar and rode toward our house, enjoying live music, popsicles, and some good family exercise.

I know we will go back, and I am so grateful for the freedom from horrific traffic have the protected space to ride freely. (Even though I almost knocked over an elderly man...disculpame, por favor.)


  1. What a WONDERFUL idea!!!!!!!!!! I love it!

  2. So good to see regular people on the street, to see their faces and see what you are seeing every day.

  3. jerry says in his early morning voice, "oh my gosh. it's full of people."

  4. That's pretty dang stinkin' cool!