Saturday, June 19, 2010

body, brain, spirit

We are now settling into a daily life that does not involve school. It is a bit harder to adjust to this kind of rhythm when we are so used to our "normal" Kansas activities: Kauffman Museum Camp, Bible School, Swimming daily with friends, Camp Mennoscah, Bethel College Camps, Evening Potlucks with friends. And of course, this year, we cannot anticipate time with the cousins and Grandparents at the cabin and Camp Friedenswald.

Our family goal for the summer is that each day, we will do something for our body, our brain, and our spirit.

It has been fun to see how each person chooses to do this, whether it is learning how to type an email, spinning at the park, spending quiet time creating, or working out hard at hockey practice. Each evening we can talk about what we did for our body, our brain, and our spirit, and my hope it that this will help form an understanding for them about self-care and balance that they can use for the rest of their lives.


  1. Wonderful! I think that balance is so lacking in so many households and lives in our society now. I've struggled to find a way to help my kids (and myself) learn that balance -- I love this idea!

  2. Great goals! Love the new header!

  3. I have to write this one down for when my kids get older.

  4. remember yesterday when i said i needed a routine?

    maybe this is it.

  5. A good ritual to keep in mind.