Monday, June 14, 2010

MCC Retreat #4

Our fourth MCC retreat was in Covenas. So, we traveled to this retreat by boat. We stayed in a little hotel right on the beach, and there was good swimming, in terms of big waves and calm waters. For most of the time, the beach was not very crowded.

The children were happy to see their team-mates again. There was volleyball and soccer on the beach, searching for shells underwater, drawing and building in the sand, and many evening games together.

Our team worked on the issue of diversity among us, trying to better understand who we are and how our cultures interact in ways that are helpful and hurtful. Some of the conversations were painful and difficult, but so very important.

The saddest part of this retreat was saying goodbye to two families and one individual who will be leaving our team. This summer we will lose half of the children on the team, and our kids are sad to say goodbye to their first friends in Colombia. Our friend Elizabeth planned a beautiful, touching farewell service for them.

The happiest part of this retreat was being with so many of our friends to watch the opening of the World Cup. Our sweet country director was willing to plan our sessions together around the most important games, knowing how important this time was for some team members.

And we were able to once again return to Bogota, ready for what will come in the next few months...

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