Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Grateful for friendship

If you know my husband, you know that he is not very good at staying in touch with old friends. The wonderful thing about him is that he is easy to be friends with, and once you become his friend, you will always be his friend...but this does not mean he will write to you or call you or stay updated on your life.

This week we met a friend of Aaron's from high school named Beto. Aaron has seen him only once in the last twenty years, but has very fond and funny memories of their childhood relationship.

Beto is all about grand adventures. He is exploring South America on his motorcycle, and began this chapter of the adventure in Bogota staying with us while his motorcycle was shipped here.

He was a very sweet visitor, and I loved the way that Aaron and him connected, as if NO time had passed since being together in high school. Aaron was so happy and got filled up with laughter in those late night times of remembering.

And two of our kids were thrilled to get their first motorcycle ride from Beto down the street and back.

So, if you ever have known Aaron as a friend, rest assure that any time (even in 20 years) you will be welcomed back into his home and heart as a friend. And we will welcome you too.

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  1. You all are such ad extremely generous and great family! Thanks!