Saturday, October 30, 2010

National University

As I mentioned, the Diplomado class that I participated in was coordinated by the National University of Colombia.

This university was founded in 1867. It has the largest campus and the largest number of students (43,000 in Bogota and the six satellite campuses around the country) of any other university in the country. Seventeen buildings on this campus have been declared national monuments.

It is a highly competitive and well-respected university, and also known for its radical and progressive social movements, including many historic protests and rebellions, hosted on the campus. It is situated right in the same locality as the Colombian Menno-ville, and has wonderful open green spaces and trees. It also hosts amazing artwork, both officially and unofficially in the form of detailed graffiti.

It is situated across a busy street from our old apartment, and our family spent a lot of time roller-blading, picnicking, and rolling in the luscious grass on campus.

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