Sunday, March 20, 2011

Breakfast at Ciclovia

We enjoyed a nice breakfast at ciclovia this morning, which included...

fruit salad

crispy empanadas (chicken or beef) with spicy aji

fresh squeezed mandarin juice

mango viche, which is sour, green mango with sweetened condensed milk and sprinkles

salpicon, which is a mixture of banana, mango, papaya, melon, and strawberries in papaya juice.

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  1. Jen - I feel like I've been telling everyone I know about your blog lately. My dear co-worker at school, Ahmed, was originally born in Somalia. He told me today how hard it was to move to America. Then he talked about the reverse culture shock going back - made me think of your visit to the states over Christmas. He said what surprised him the most was how he missed "American" food when visiting Somalia. I showed him the food on this post. We both wanted to try the mangos & cream! It's nice when you can have a conversation at work about God and how this is how God wants it - people living other places and making 2 homelands - it is one world, one home, one people, one God.