Thursday, March 31, 2011

Salida Pedogógica

Many of the schools here (at least the wealthier, private schools) integrate into their curriculum a class trip. Beginning in second grade, they go to difference parts of the country, which they have studied (geography, history, culture, etc).

This was a tradition that we were not accustomed to. Our children have spent a few nights away at a nearby Mennonite church camp, usually huddled with their closest friends, but they have never taken a trip without us. Last year both Lydia and Andy decided NOT to go because they were still adjusting and making friends it is just felt all to uncertain.

This year, after much deliberation, Andy decided to go with his class to the Eje Cafetero region of Colombia, or the "coffee region." There, they visited parks, museums, and learned the entire process of coffee production. He was gone for four nights and five days. They went by bus, slept in a hotel, and were supervised by two of their teachers.

There were some rough nights of homesickness, but overall, Andy really enjoyed his trip, he learned a lot, he bonded with his classmates in a new way, and he was able to come home and write a really spectacular report about his whole experience (which I would have posted, except it is written in Spanish.)

He did NOT, however, brush his teeth the entire time he was gone.



  1. again: what AMAZING life experiences they are having.

  2. I agree with Kristin! And . . .what awesome pictures. How did Andy get so many great pictures - with HIM in them!?!

  3. Well, some of these pictures were provided by the teacher...

  4. I shared your blog entry with John & Evan during our family meal this evening. Lots of conversation about what you must be experiencing in Bogota and how brave you are all to go on such an amazing journey. I'll have to read your posts aloud more often! Thank you for helping us stretch our minds and hearts past our own backyard.

  5. Wow, Andy...what an amazing experience. I love all of the pictures.