Sunday, July 31, 2011

Summer days with Diana

Our family has always made the choice to be with our children as much as possible in the summer months. This has been difficult at times, financially and logistically, but through a variety of community friends, some flexibility in work schedules, and part-time babysitters, we have made it work. This has been our norm.

With our MCC positions, the expectation is that we continue with work during the summer months when our children are on vacation. The organizations we work for in Colombia, our country rep, and MCC in general has been very receptive and flexible with our childcare arrangements, and for that, I am very grateful.

Still, this summer our children were with another adult more time than every before. And while there were better days and worse days, in general, it went smoothly.

I am thankful for sweet Colombian friends who understand and love my children when I cannot be with them, and for three children who work hard each day in a second language to play with one another and take care when their parents are at work.

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  1. So many different kinds and directions of growth...