Thursday, August 4, 2011

Did I mention that she is just like her Aunt Wendy?

This is Abby's idea of beauty.

Yes, we had to purchase two pairs of shoes in order for this to happen. I purchased one and she purchased the other. Oh, the joy!

I recently remembered her toddler days when she would decorate the canned food in the pantry with dinosaur stickers so they would look nicer.

And last night she hosted a neighborhood cine night at our house. She passed out tickets, organized food and beverage "combos" and taped seat numbers to the sofa cushions. (and of course, there were assigned seats).


  1. hahahahaha, the show she organized sounds very familiar!

  2. and she did all that in spanish, right?

    i'm not sure if i'll get used to her growing up.