Thursday, August 18, 2011

Because someone asked today...

5:00 AM Get up, find clothes for the kids, make them tea and something to eat, review and sign paperwork/homework to be sent to school

5:30 AM Take puppy to the park for a hard run, as it is likely the only exercise she or I will have that day

6:00 AM try to spend a little time connecting with my husband and a cup of coffee

6:30 AM wash dishes, fold and start laundry, take out trash or pick up the house, take a shower

7:00 AM wake up other kid, get breakfast, clothes, backpack again.

7:45 AM leave for work; commute takes between 60-90 minutes; sleep, study, or read on the way

9:00 AM start work: sometimes there are long interviews or meetings with victims, sometimes there is research to be done, sometimes preparation for a class or presentation somewhere

Eat lunch at my desk, keep working.

If possible, make dr appointments, call teachers/bus monitors/parents of friends to arrange playdates and projects. Leave work in order to make dr appointments, meet with teachers, and get all supplies necessary for projects.

4:00 PM leave work; commute home 60-90; spend time in commute thinking about how facilitate happiness and good cheer in our house.

5:15 PM: arrive home, sometimes run to the store to get some groceries or pay bills, help with homework, prepare supper, work on laundry, house chores, violin and piano practice, school meetings, transporting to swim practice, basketball, soccer, gymnastics; take the dog out again.

7:00 PM eat with family, continue with homework, laundry, house chores

8:00 PM put kids to bed: make sure snacks and clothes are organized for the next day, therapy for them about homesickness, school, social issues, fears; coach them into making it work; reading to the kids, cuddling with the kids.

9:00 PM more house clean-up, dishes, laundry, finding socks that will work; check work email and finish details from the day that did not get done; extra reading and maybe a comedy show with Aaron

10:00 PM sleep

Next day: do it all over again.


  1. I don't know why - maybe for solidarity, maybe for perspective - but I really needed to read this today.

    Also, seriously considering Winfield next year...

  2. sounds totally familiar.

    well, not the 60-90 commute.

  3. I'm exhausted just reading this. I think the commute would do me in. (The rest, I understand!).