Friday, January 27, 2012

The best New Year's Surprise Ever

We tried really hard to keep it a secret.  We ALMOST did it.  By later in the evening, Lydia was quite suspicious.  "Why is it so important to clean your house just to bring the New Year in?"  "What was the extra bedding doing in our music room?"  
"Why aren't going away to celebrate New Year's with friends?"  

Oh, the joy.  Once again, Grandma, Uncle, and Cousin-love filled our house.  We showed them around, enjoyed a plethora of yummy food and good conversation, and played and played and played.

There is nothing quite like a visit from Grandma.

Or the goofiness of a fun cousin who can show you all kinds of new youtube videos, 
soccer moves,  and songs.

This was a week we will never forget.

It is visits like these that keep us going.

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  1. It was great to have breakfast with Ben and his family just a couple of days before they left to see you - seeing their excitement and knowing the joy it would bring to your family, too, surprise or not. What a blessing!