Friday, January 27, 2012

Transition gift

My sweet sister Katie sent us a Christmas gift which includes a sensory activity/ritual for each of our last five months here, and will help us with the re-entry process.  She knit these beautiful pockets and sewed them onto black felt.  We have one pocket to open for each month.  Each month gives us some tools for a family activity that will help us process and let go of this beautiful place.

This month was sight.  We each got a brand new bright Sharpie and we have created posters all over the house where we continue to create lists of things we love about Colombia, what we want to bring with us, what we want to do before we leave, what we are looking forward to in the US.  

Each day, we add to these lists.  It has already helped the kids, reminding them that it will be hard to say goodbye, that there are parts of this country that will always stay with them, and they there is so much to look forward to when we return home (like blueberries, sweet corn, and swimming in Michigan lakes).

Katie created these beautiful tools, and I already know that they will be a significant and meaningful part of our family processing in preparation for the new adventures to come.

I can't wait to open the next pocket.