Friday, October 29, 2010

Las Piedras de Tunja

The schools here have a week long vacation in the Fall as well as in the Spring. Due to work commitments as well as time and money constraints, we were not able to travel far for vacation. However, we were blessed to have one day away from this city with friends in a small town outside of Bogota called Facatativa. There is a national park there with huge boulders and walking trails. Some of these boulders have artwork (old and new) painted on them. We packed a picnic and prepared for a lovely day to climb rocks, relax in "la naturaleza," and enjoy the company of friends.

I am always surprised how much the city environment takes a toll on us. It is only when we get away and can experience some time in the natural world that we really relax, absorb the fresh air, and feel the tension melt away.


  1. I remember the relief I felt whenever we got out of Sarajevo and into the beauty of the countryside. I didn't even know how much I needed to get out into nature until we were there. I have sort of concluded that I am a rural girl at heart.

    P.S. You look fabulous in that last photo!