Saturday, May 28, 2011

Dia de Colombianidad

It truly is a beautiful thing to live in a country with such rich and passionate cultural heritage. The primary school hosted a "Dia de Colombianidad" which incorporated music, food, traditional clothing, dance, history and culture for all the different regions of Colombia. It was a wonderful, project-based opportunity for the kids to learn more about their own history, culture, and traditions. Our two were the only North Americans participating, but all the teachers said they fit in just perfectly as "100% Colombians." At this point, they are learning more Latin American history and culture than they are learning about US history and culture.

For Abby, this was the pay-back for a whole year in uniforms. The girls got to go to school in fancy dress-up, instructed to put flowers in their hair and wear make-up.

For Andy, it was a pretty unhappy day.

(but I still got a little smile)

He worked very hard to contribute to his "regional booth." He went early to help set up, he brought in food and made signs. But, generally anything that is going to draw unnecessary attention to him makes him angry. Add this to the immobility he suffers from on crutches contrasted with the fact that most of his friends were running around, dancing, and having a good time, he was not so happy. Still, he has mentioned several times about the things he learned, and I know he has a solid respect for the culture within which he is living.

Don't you just wish you could do this?


  1. I love reading the posts about how your kids are fully embracing this culture and remembering the very beginning of your time in Colombia... so, so inspiring! Makes my wheels turn even faster about doing something like this someday!

  2. You all still blow my mind.

  3. you and aaron.

    dance like that.

    winfield 2012.

    i have the skirt for you.