Monday, May 9, 2011

Our girl Abby

She spends a lot of her time singing, and has started to write down her songs on her own initiative. Most of them are in Spanish.

She loves to use her body, practicing gymnastics moves as often as possible.

She is learning to spell in English based on Spanish phonetics.

She loves fashion and glittery things, especially because most days she has to wear her "boring" school uniform.

She works hard in school, gets good marks for behavior and skills in "friendship." She sees the world with a genuine sense of wonder and intrigue.

Abby loves adventure. While she told us she would agree to come to Colombia "only for three days," she has now fully embraced our life here, and remembers more of her life here than when we lived in Newton. Occasionally, I tell her a story about our life in the states and she listens with intent, but it is more like a made-up story or a dream.

When I got to know Lydia and Andy, I did not think it would be possible for me to have a third child that was as different as they were from each other.

But I did.

Abby is her own little person, full of sweetness and love and creativity.

And now she is eight.

Happy Birthday, Baby Girl. You have brought so much joy to this family!


  1. I see Greta in that face! What a beauty she is - inside and out!

  2. if ever there was a girl who has always known who she is, I think it would be Abby.