Monday, May 9, 2011

Semana Santa, 2011

This year for Semana Santa we had a lovely "stay-cation" in Bogota, spending a lot of quality time together, getting to know our sweet puppy Mia, and sharing some good times with friends here in Bogota.

Day 1
We had a farewell picnic for MCCer Shalom Wiebe. We had a fabulous picnic, which included some gymnastics practice and boating.

Day 2
We took the whole family outside of Bogota to a small club where Lydia takes swimming lessons. This time most everyone got to go for a swim.

Day 3
Family outing to one of our favorite parks, Parque de Chico for some frisbee and romp time. There was a cook drizzle so we warmed up with hot chocolate, walked to explore another park, and ate out for lunch.

Day 4
Just outside of the city there is a children's park called "Multiparque." We took off there to meet our friends Becky, Nevin, Carter, and Alana for some fun together.

Day 5
I had to work, so Aaron and the kids hung out and played with Mia at the park, getting her socialized with other dogs.

Day 6
Thursday was a "Festivo" so that meant ciclovia was open. We convinced Aaron to rent a bike, and invited our friends to explore the city with us on bikes. We were surprised how far we could go without many complaints from the kids. It was a glorious day!

Day 7
Our country director came over with her family for a Good Friday lunch together and to color eggs with some of the neighbor kids.

Day 8
We met Elizabeth and Neil and took off with snacks and raincoats for a hike in Sopo. They came back for a sleepover at our house.

Day 9
Easter Sunday and Abby's Birthday celebrated with crepes and too many chocolate eggs, followed by church and a much-needed nap.

Day 10
Back to the reality of school and work;

I am grateful.


  1. oh, i fear the midwest will be really boring.

    maybe you'll just bring a bit of that excitement back with you!

    happy semana santa to you all.

    : )

    by the way, i see two family photos that look really happy. i like that.

  2. this looks incredible!!!!!