Thursday, September 17, 2009

Basketball in Colombia

Well, he did not have the height disadvantage, as he has had in the past. But he really did stand out as the only blonde. It is not uncommon for a stranger to call him "Mono," meaning "cutey" or "blondey" or "light-haired." (literally, in other Latin American countries it means monkey)

And we should just say that this team needed a bit of Coach Brad's influence. These little boys were not the most talented we have seen, but they played with gusto and enthusiasm, and won two out of three games in the tournament so far. Andy made five baskets, but missed his "hook shot." He stole the ball frequently and passed with accuracy and confidence. He played aggressively, despite not really understanding a word from the coach or the referee. It was really fun to go as a family and watch him play.

(And Coach Brad would be pleased to know that Andy did not get called once for travelling or double dribbling).


  1. Looks like he is at easy and having fun with the boys. WHAT A DEAR!!!!!!!

  2. well, we don't have to look hard to find him! how does he feel about standing out because of his hair?

  3. I suddenly had this image of walking baby Andy around your block in Newton, and now it's amazing to see all that he can do! What a star!