Sunday, September 6, 2009

A day off from school

We started with a trip to the library with our language tutor, Marta. She helped us fill out applications so we could check out books. There is a limited selection of childrens' books in English, which we will go through fairly quickly. But gradually, they will be checking out chapter books in Spanish, and hopefully enjoying them just as well. For now, they were so pleased to find more books they could read to each other. (and thanks to Grandma who is sending them books from her bookstore).

Marta arranged for us to have a tour of the library, which included time on the roof, with a view of the mountains all around the library. It was beautiful!

A short distance form this library is a wonderful sports and recreation complex where we had decided to visit for lunch.

Abby enjoyed some time for jumping rope.

We went swimming in one of four beautiful pools, but forgot our towels, so we had to get creative with drying off.

We ended our day with some rollar blading together. (Kristin, I cannot yet take a picture of myself rollar blading. However, this is by beautiful orange foot, and this is a picture of me lying on the ground resting because I was so tired!)

(What I won't show you, but was certainly part of our reality was the whining, the arguing, the disrespect for our tour guide, Aaron's low blood sugar, and the rest. We'll just pretend it went just as these pictures depict...)


  1. while i know it must be lonely not to be surrounded by all the friends you have always been surrounded by, some people/families crave what you have here: a way to make it so you really face each other, notice each other and find more togetherness than ever.

  2. That's why I love photo album-ing. You can just forget that stuff and re-invision life for the future. Eventually, the vision becomes the past on an artistic level. Somewhere it is recorded that way. Something to hold on to.

  3. Sure looks like fun. I wonder if you will become city-lovers in this experience. I laughed to see Abby and Aaron disregarding the arrows on the skate-path. Were the arrows in Spanish, maybe?

  4. i gave an audible giggle at "aaron's low blood sugar."

    i know EXACTLY what that look like.

  5. jen, your rollerblades are my favorite.

  6. As someone who keeps snacks in my bag for not just my kids, but my husband as well, I totally get the low-blood sugar thing, and the look on Aaron's face while rollerblading had Sam and I in stitches : )