Wednesday, September 23, 2009

What we miss, part 2

Dr. Pepper, cicadas, N & J Bakery, bluegrass, Pages loft, Twinnings English Breakfast, Verenike, ground turkey, green chilis, Sonic runs, fires, Rolling Rock, cottonwood trees, *bikes*, BCAPA, BC soccer suppers in the stands, our heavenly bed, Josie, walking in the dark, seventh generation and ms. meyers, Mexican food, walking to a friend's house, homeade salsa, Z-S trampoline, driving laws, Big Red gum, hedge apples, The Office, the olive bar at Dillons.


  1. I miss walking in the dark and walking to friends' houses in my life too. We watch the Office online. In fact, we use it to "clean our palate" whenever we watch something disturbing or just bad.

    I enjoy your lists! They may be a sad thing for you, but they make me appreciate some things more.

  2. I;m taking notes, I'm taking notes..............

  3. i love these lists. and i save them. and i use them.