Saturday, October 10, 2009

Fall Vacation, Day 1

Colombian law requires all schools to take a week off in October. Incidentally, they do not require a week of vacation for the grown-ups who are working, but with some juggling, Aaron and I managed to get out and do some fun stuff with the kids. While we wanted to get out of the city, there were limited opportunities (many families leave and hotels get booked). We balanced various outings with language study, cleaning/mending/purchasing school uniforms, buying a bookshelf, stocking up on groceries, reading, and getting our bills in order. This series of posts describes what we decided to do...

There is a fantastic science and industry museum here called Maloka. The entire museum is underground, even though Aaron had to convince us of the fact while we were in there (it did not feel like we were underground).

There were hand-on activities for all the kids, and a special exhibit all about transportation and Bogota. We learned some new Spanish words, as we moved through the exhibit with the kids.

And a highlight was the discovery of a relatively cheap IMAX theatre, where we saw "Everest."

After our time at the museum, we ventured to a lovely skate park nearby, where we had the entire rink to ourselves.

A beautiful day in Bogota.

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