Saturday, October 3, 2009

No pictures, but...

I need to record the memory of our first invitation for dinner in Bogota. (for those who knew us in Newton, you know that 2 1/2 months is a long time without going to a friend's house)

Our friends, Neil and Elizabeth knew that we were craving camping, and sitting by a fire with friends, so they rented a little park area in their apartment complex, built a fire, invited some other MCCers, and we cooked out.

We had roasted hot dogs, veggies with ranch dip and hummos, chips, snickerdoodles, s'mores, banana boats, and warm drinks.

The younger MCCers there all took their turn playing "Parame" with our kids, who were enthusiastic about the fire, about the play space, and about some positive attention from adults other than their parents. What a tremendous gift. I hope I know these folks when they have children of their own, and I can reciprocate so they know the gift they gave to us tonight.

We discussed Colombian culture, safety, children's literature, favorite TV shows, church, work, school, camping and good memories of outdoor experiences.

Mostly we sat around a beautiful fire, taking turns stoking it, laughing, feeling the warmth that we all so needed to feel.

Thank you again, dear friends!


  1. I just love thinking of this friendship you're building with Elizabeth, who I haven't known since she was a third grader : )