Saturday, October 10, 2009

Fall Vacation, Day 3

Our friend Becky Thatcher Murcia suggested that we visit this place about three hours outside of Bogota. We left early in the morning, and caught a bus that took us straight there and back. It was well worth the long ride!

Piscilago is a combination zoo/water park/lake/recreation place.

There were more waterslides than we have ever seen. One was exactly like the burlap bag slide at the MCC sale, except with running water.

One was like the log ride at Cedar Point.

One we called "the toilet" because it rushed you down a long shute, then spun you around and "flushed" you down.

And one that reminded us of home.

The swimming pools were lined with fruit trees. We saw ripe mangoes, bananas, oranges, coconuts, and papaya.

We also saw monkeys jumping freely around the trees (no cages).

We enjoyed our time immensely, but unfortunately did not get to see the whole park, which means we need to go back sometime....too bad.


  1. What a wonderful place!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. wow! that looks so amazing. i love the trampoline tent!!!

  3. oh! the toilet slide is a favorite around the computer. the saddest part was eliza seeing the picture of the froggie slide and thinking you were back here. (never mind that it is as cold as winter so swimming there wouldn't make sense....)