Friday, October 30, 2009

Parent teacher conferences

We had "Open Day" today at school. This is a time where teachers set up tables in the gym and visit personally with parents about their child's progress. We got our first Colombian grade reports, which were good enough for us. The teachers had very nice things to say about all the kids. Lydia is working hard in the 6th grade, Andy is maintaining good grades, and Abby is improving every day. This school has definitely stuck with us, trying to make things better for all three of the children and we are grateful.

They say that Colombia is a very affectionate country. We witnessed this today, with warm abrazos and besitos from all of our teachers, and some parents as well. After we were finished, some parents of Lydia's classmate drove us all the way home because they did not want us to take the bus in the rain. (this was very generous considering how far we live from the school). Oh, the kindness. I think I feel it more now than I ever did.


  1. I wish I could have had this experience when I was in grade school.

  2. yes! look at those women HUG your children. their arms are wrapped tight! i love it.