Tuesday, December 27, 2011

A Friend Visit

We feel very blessed that so many of my family members have come to Colombia to visit us.  When we left, so many people from our family, our community, and our church said they wanted to come visit, or they were planning to come visit.  Aaron and I had to concentrate hard to release those comments from becoming expectations.  We told ourselves over and over that the chances of a friend visit was very, very slim, and not to be planned.  

Aaron enjoyed a wonderful and very unexpected visit from a high school friend Beto.  We enjoyed visits from former professors and professionals working with CPT here.  We visited with church about a delegation visit, which did not work.  We continually let go of any expectations of friends coming to visit.

And then she wrote and asked, "When can I come?"

I still could not believe it, until I saw an airplane ticket confirmation number in my inbox.

My good friend Yolanda came to see a bit of our life here, and we had so much fun showing her around!

We went to the produce, flower, and artisan markets.  We saw giant avocados and street performers.

We showed her ciclovia and enjoyed Colombian food.


We met her mother for lunch (with very, very unfortunate food poisoning effects...but a LOVELY lunch at the time).

We visited the school and showed her how to get around on the Transmillenio.


We took the best hiking guides we know in Colombia, Elizabeth and Neil and went for a hike in a páramo.



We visited some really big, beautiful, old churches.

We walked together here.

We spent many afternoons in long, contemplative, genuine conversation, usually accompanied by coffee, tea, and maybe chocolate.  She asked us so many good, guiding questions.  We felt like we got a week's worth of free therapy.

Thank you, sweet friend.  I know it was hard to get here.  I know it took a lot of time and money and special arrangements.  Thank you for knowing this part of our lives.


 P.S.  I am pretty sure that most of these photos are Yolanda's.  They all got mixed into my iphoto account.  So, thank you, Yo, for these photos!


  1. This is so touching. How amazing of Yolanda! "Thank you for knowing this part of our lives."...a forever connection.

  2. I resonate with many of your comments. It is special, indeed, to be able to share these experiences with a friend from home.