Saturday, December 3, 2011

Pan y Paz

On September, 21 the Mennonite Church in Teusaquillo celebrated "Pan y Paz" which is the International Day of Nonviolence and Ceasefire.  Normally, my workplace can feel heavy and sad.  However, this was a really happy day, where all of my friends at work were able to contribute their talents of cooking, music, art, and advocacy.   We took to the streets and handed out bread to strangers who passed by, accompanied by literature on why we are peacemakers.  We rocked the neighborhood with a visiting band made up of street people until the police came.  We prayed.  We listened to experts speak about the work of peacemaking.  We played with the kids, and let them be leaders in the passing of the bread, no doubt a symbolic act that despite the despair and agony of so many in this congregation and this country, we still have energy and hope for a new coming of peace and tranquility.  
It was a day full of laughter, conversation, good food, and the enthusiasm which comes from and active and hopeful faith.  It filled me up to keep coming back with an attitude that anything is possible within a loving and strong community of faith.

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