Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Liceo Boston Christmas Show 2011

Last year Abby was very sad that she did not get to participate in her school Christmas show, due to our visit to the US.  That disappointment made this year all the better, as she enthusiastically prepared for her performance.

The theme this year was "Christmas Around the World" and her class was in Britain.  Students sang in Portuguese, Spanish, French, and English.  They danced too. (She is on the far right in the white cap).

The money and effort put into these show still astounds both Aaron and I.  I sat there thinking that Abby might feel a little bored by future Christmas programs when we return.

The students are in full make-up and costumes.  The stage had three giant-sized projection screens with laser light effects, and very active smoke machine, and coordinated videos.  The hired a professional sound and special effects company.  The music was all pre-recorded (by Abby's choir) and LOUD.  I mean, LOUD.  We easily felt the reverberation of the bass in our, our whole bodies.  My ears HURT.  It was so loud that the people around us and the ushers visited with each other by YELLING.

More than 400 performers took the stage that night.  It was thrilling, indeed.  And while disturbing in some ways (Mrs. Clause was an easy 40 years younger and much sexier than Mr. Clause) the finale brought smoke, lights, bubbles, and confetti as they all sang with joyful enthusiasm.   And of course, I cried.

Abby was so. very. happy.

Here she is with the three other girls in her class after the show.

Thank you, Liceo Boston.

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  1. Wow!!! There will definitely be a let down after that, but what an experience!