Friday, December 23, 2011

Joy to the World!

Our family continues to be ever grateful for time together, for MCC support and mission, for learning to love such a remarkable country, for the love of friends and family, and for so much more.  

We wait for the light.  

We pay attention.

We long for peace.  

2012 will be a year of tremendous transition and new adventures for us.  

Each of us spent some time in gratitude for what we have loved in 2011.  Blessed be.

Abby:  Mia, playing with friends, MCC retreats, gymnastics, cheerleading, award for academic excellence, Ajiaco, Club Penguin Puffles, speaker phone calls with Daniela, Playmobil horse barn, multi-colored flats, school gardening (la huerta), creative writing about "Extrodinaria," crafting, school choir songs in English, Spanish, and Portuguese, Neil and Elizabeth, silver ring from Boyacá, Mia, Mia, Mia, and more Mia.

Jenny:  Christmas prayers with school friends, the satisfaction of an academic writing project, hiking, cold waterfalls, a special visit from Yolanda, early morning walks with the dog,  the French bakery beside our office, singing new songs, The Gifts of Imperfection, teaching in Spanish, friendly neighbors, The Bogotá Philharmonic Orchestra, packages from home, Henri Nouwen Advent Reflections, morning coffee with Aaron.

Andy:  easy communication with friends, school trip to Armenia, making it to the school finals in basketball, Coach Henri, salpicon and ciclovia, a cozy bed, my soccer team, cheap movie outings, cooking new things, hiking in Sopo, school award for strong values and sports,  passing all my classes, Piscilago, baby beef, chocolate ice cream from Crepes and Waffles, conjunto friends, skateboarding, piano lessons

Lydia: Mia, the new SEED group, Trip back to the USA in the summer, Expociencias, Swimming, Learning how to make patacon, learning how to play the guitar, skype dates with friends, baby Alana, music camp, my face, being awesome, Psych, New Moon Girls, The Alanna Series.

Aaron: playing soccer, Grooveshark, Cuevana, almost 24hour soccer on TV, trips outside of Bogota, El Paso del Angel, MCC retreats, basketball with school dads, EARLY mornings with Jen, exercise with Mia, connections with friends, reading with the kids at night, friday family movie night

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