Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Dia de Latinamericanidad

For the Spring school fair, the primary school each studied a different region of Colombia, and the high school students each studied a different country in Latin America.  

Andy's class had Venezuela.

And Lydia's class had Mexico.

While these projects are usually a lot of work, for both students and parents, I am always so pleased with the enthusiasm, new understandings, and pride that comes from them.

Abby's class studied the Eastern Region of Colombia, where there are plains like Kansas.

Each region of Colombia has its own food, clothing, culture, accent, and dance.  They learned it all, and presented a dance.  (I have to ask Lydia to help me upload the video).

Never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined that my children would be learning so much in this context.  And now there is a big part of them that is "Latinamericano."  

They feel at home here. They feel connected here.  Like a sponge, they have absorbed the warmth, pride, and love of this country, and it will no doubt be with them for the rest of their lives.

I found myself wishing that we took the time and effort to really study and celebrate the different cultures in the United States.  It is so much easier to think about what is "American" and what is "Unamerican" instead of really examine and understand the different cultures in our country, and honor their uniqueness.  I am so grateful for knowing this part of my children's identity, and I will try so hard to keep it there.

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  1. Wonderful. Maybe my school could study a region, in depth, or culture... Something to think about.