Thursday, May 17, 2012

MCC Retreat #9: Medellin

A husband who is freshly recovering from knee surgery and unable to travel with us.
A little girl with a high fever who really wishes you could sit by her bed all day.
A Mom who is responsible for many of the logistics of the retreat.
Mixed emotions of a 10 year anniversary celebration, and the difficult team transitions to come.

These factors made this last retreat, well, challenging.

Still, I am so very grateful 
for team-members who jump in and help,
for music and prayer and inspired stories of advocacy and hope,
for Crayola markers and birthday cake,
for friends with movie options for sick girls,
for cool, crisp swimming,
for birds outside my window and a secret stash of GORP.

Worship with this group is very moving.

So is saying goodbye.

And, while many on our team attribute the "play" time to the kids, I would argue that this is just simply a playful group.  And I am so grateful.

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