Thursday, May 17, 2012

Togui Food

When we were at the farm, we enjoyed all kinds of local delicacies.

These are rooty-sweet potatoey-ish things you eat with honey.

All the cooking was done in a little room off the back of the house over fire.  Andy made pancakes.

Fresh coffee spread out in the sunshine to dry.

Giant mango/mint salad.

We learned that each of the small towns have their own shape/recipe for bread.  
This bread represents Togui.

We had an official lesson on making arepas.

Grilled arepas with hot chocolate.

Yucca soup with cilantro for breakfast.

Bocadillo, or guava paste is a special treat from this region.  Yum.

The sweet guava treat is best when paired with this local, salty cheese that is traditionally wrapped in banana leaves.

Panela (see next post) is mixed with coconut and formed on these little sticks for a sweet, local candy.

Grilled steak and yucca is best when paired with these incredibly hot chilis and salt.

Extremely strong coffee with sour limes and panela (strange, I know, but fabulously delicious).

The kids went to harvest all the yucca we needed for the weekend in the rain.

Even the baby kitty got to try a pancake (new to her and the Colombian friends at the farm).

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