Thursday, May 24, 2012


Andy is now on his seventh sport since we have been in Colombia.  He has thoroughly enjoyed them all, and we are grateful to live in a place where there is so much to offer.  This time, he was interested in tennis.  Before, Aaron and I would have said that Andy was a strictly team-sport kind of person.  He loves the contact and interaction of a group.  But tennis has been really good for him to work on concentration, technical skills, coordination, and personal satisfaction.  He plays on really nice clay courts with a view of the mountains, and while he is enrolled in a class for two hours a day, the first part is almost always a private lesson (because he is so punctual and well, the Colombians are...not).  He is learning a lot and enjoying a quieter sport for a change.

Abby chose to join cheerleading (Porras) as an extra-curricular at school.  This is a new team, and they had a contest to determine their name.  Abby won with the submission of "Star Flyers."  She is one of the older kids on the team, so she is in charge of getting people in order, organizing them, calling out lead numbers, and lifting other little girls.  It is a perfect fit for her.  She loves to learn routines, fit them to music, and work her muscles in new ways (she recently had a leg pain that the doctor says is common for cheerleaders).  I hope these picture make her Grandma Bobbie proud.

Swimming.  The perfect sport for an introvert.  Lydia has been swimming for awhile but recently decided to enroll in the intensive course, which meets four days a week for two hours.  She regularly swims 3000-3600 meters each day that she goes.  She is a very content swimmer, and has learned some good technique, but she does not compete in races, so it is low pressure an relaxing.  And when you are dealing with school anxiety, two hours of swimming is exactly what one needs in order to go to sleep.  Aaron and I are so impressed when we watch her in the water.  She is completely graceful, and very, very muscular.  (Not exactly how we might describe her on land).  I hope she can find a fun setting to continue with this sport when we go back to the U.S.

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  1. I've noticed that Liceo Boston seems to use English sometimes - the Star Flyers' name is what made me think to ask about it, but I also noticed that posters in Andy and Lydia's business fair were in English. But most of the school projects you've posted seem to be in Spanish. I'm curious about how the school utilizes English.