Thursday, May 31, 2012

Scenes from the MCC Colombia Office

Excited for a visit from MCC Alumni.

Working out transition details in the corridor.

Lulo juice.

Luz, who lovingly cooks for us on Fridays.

Abby's favorite carrot salad and salty, buttery arepas.

Beautiful Vilma.

Ely Caro, the money manager.

Shared space with Mennonite World Conference.

A very appreciated library, with books in both English and Spanish covering politics, religion, poetry, novels, and workshop manuals.

My dear office-mate.  I will miss this view.  She will NOT miss my interruptions to her work.


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  1. Thank you Jen, I loved this glimpse into the new MCC office, and the memories that still bring tears of gratitude and missing everyone and everything to my eyes. Does Vilma work at the new MCC office now?