Friday, August 14, 2009


My hometown. The place where I say I “go home to” even when I am thirty-six and have lived elsewhere for 18 years. It is so comforting to go home and sleep in my old bedroom. I tell stories to the kids of how Katie and I would try to go to sleep, the games we would play, and giggles we would get. Since we normally visit this place only during Holidays, there was a much more relaxed feel to this visit. Lydia spent time with her older cousins (including a deluxe Hannah massage), Andy got busy with his Uncle and Namesake Andy building things and going to the dump, and Abby had “craft time” with Aunt Wendy. We walked downtown for the farmer’s market, Whipty-dip. Food Store, coffeeshop, and lunch at the local bar. And of course there were bedtime books and morning and evening conversation with Grandma and Grandpa.

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  1. I have been wishing this kind of a visit in Bluffton for you -- one that's not full of holiday hype. I'm so glad you got it in before leaving the country.