Friday, August 28, 2009

Friends of Relatives and Relatives of Friends

We had heard of Neil and Elizabeth before we joined the MCC Colombia team. She is the cousin of one of my campers at Friedenswald. She was a camper at Friedenswald in my sister's cabin. We have mutual friends. She baked a cake for my cousin's wedding. She is a housemate of a friend from Newton. Anyway, we were astounded by the many connections we had before even meeting each other....and from the moment we sat by them at our first ever meeting in Akron, I knew we would be friends.

They are playful. They engage our children in meaningful conversation and play. They make cookies just for fun at eleven at night. They are not worried about eating on the floor at our house. They volunteer to take Andy out to run around, and they tolerate the HIGH energy that our children exude....mostly because the kids are so very excited whenever Elizabeth and Neil come over. They are smart, and easy-going, and adaptable.

Elizabeth and Neil found out that Lydia's favorite restaurant is Chipotle. They found a knock-off restaurant at the mall in Bogota. So, as a surprise to the kids, we all went to the mall for supper and pretended like we were at Chipotle. Everyone was thrilled.

Thank you, Elizabeth and Neil for embracing our family. We love you, and look forward to many more fun outings together! We are so blessed to call your our friends.


  1. looks like everyone's having such fun!

  2. I'm so glad you know Elizabeth and Neil. They are wonderful people, and, as you are discovering, freely bring the gift of themselves to children and adults.

  3. oh, i LOVE neil and elizabeth. i think i will go to their blog and tell them so.

    so glad for this joy.