Friday, August 14, 2009

Orientation Part 2

Aaron and I felt encouraged by the time we spent in orientation with MCC. We are very confident in the mission of THIS ORGANIZATION and feel so good about becoming official employees there. While it was a large group of people, we had some good discussions and made connections with folks that will last a very long time. The kids were very patient and flexible, considering that their lives were being changed so dramatically. They really liked the guest speakers, trying some new food, and playing with their new friends. I do appreciate that this is not just a new job, but an opportunity for our whole family to participate in meaningful work together.


  1. I've known that I feel good about MCC for a long time, but it really makes a difference to see it through your eyes, and to love it in a whole new way.

  2. Even though I worked with MCC for a short bit (I have fond memories of eating Aaron's brownies in your kitchen, dishing about work), I haven't thought a lot about this organization in feels good to get reacquainted through your family!