Sunday, August 30, 2009

New Family Activity

So, we saved our garage sale money, hoping to purchase something special for our family in Colombia. We agreed with the kids that the money we earned should not go to paying off a bill, or the expense of moving, or some other (probably more needed) thing. We decided that since we all sold things at the garage sale, we would purchase something together that we could all enjoy. So thanks to all of you who bought something at our garage sale, and thanks to my parents for an additional donation, we bought these...

More practical at this point in our lives (and location) than bikes, yet just as fun. We have plenty of parks and beautiful places we can ride together, and on Sundays and Holidays Bogota has "Ciclovia" where major streets are closed for riders. We are really excited for all five of us to make memories riding around this big city!

So I guess a family that rides together.....

(you fill in the rest)

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