Saturday, August 8, 2009

What a start

We have been in Bogota for about a week. Looking back it is amazing we made it passed the first weekend. We actually arrived in Bogota on a Wednesday night; made it to our apartment around 10pm and then left for Armenia in the coffee region (by plane) the very next morning. I was so tired the day we arrived in Armenia it was difficult to even have a polite conversation. All of us were tired. In Armenia, a few of us became ill. Andy and Abby got the worst of it and vomitted through one of the nights. Armenia is a lush, beautiful part of Colombia. We went horseback riding to a waterfall in the rainforest while visiting a National Park. The MCC retreat seems long ago now. We met all of the 20 or so MCCers and they are all seem to be great. Although it was a ridiculously hard way to start our time, I look back at how hard it was and actually gain strength to make it through our "normal days" here in Bogota.


  1. thanks for posting!! i cannot imagine any of it, but especially starting out like that with 3 kids. wow, what a major adjustment! i hope your settling in gets better and better.

    does this mean you have internet access in your apt. now?

  2. it's kind of like having a may never catch up on rest.

    but you will find rest...

  3. I have been thinking about all of you, daily, and I look forward to reading about the many adventures ahead of you!