Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Our Apartment

Well, I can’t say I have lived anywhere like this before! Our apartment is in a large complex near a very busy intersection. There is some significant construction going on at one end of our building and on several of the streets near us. So, it can easily feel like we are living in the middle of a renovation area.
Our apartment itself is pretty nice. We have a small kitchen, open to a dining/living area down stairs, along with a bathroom. Upstairs we have three small bedrooms and two bathrooms, both with showers. We have hot water, which was unexpected, a new washing machine (no dryer, which is normal here), and a cute little, new fridge.
We are about a 25-minute walk from work, church, and the national soccer stadium. I can make it (on foot) to a large grocery store, buy groceries, and be back home in one hour. Also, connected to our building, on the same side as our entrance at street level, are several stores: place for haircuts and manicures, internet café and photocopies, minimarket, and small bakery. It is easy to get a taxi at the corner and a transmilenio (public transit) station is very close.



  1. Written by Aaron...we´ll have pics of our actually apartment soon.

  2. oh my goodness, i am loving these posts!

  3. I want apartment pics. Did you know you don't have to refridgerate eggs?